05/11/2012 08:40 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Craft Of The Day: Shabby Chic Flower Art

Bring the blooming outdoors to your walls with this Craft Of The Day. All it takes is a little hot glue, a bold, colorful fabric and a simple sewing technique, and you can have a framed flower that'll last all spring and for seasons to come. Keep reading for the how-to.

fabric flower"

Photo by Amanda Jones of Every Creative Endeavor

What You'll Need:
Oval frame
Spray paint
Burlap fabric
Patterned fabric
Silver brad
Ric-rac trim
Hot glue gun

How To Make It:
1. Spray paint the frame the color of your choice.
2. Cut a piece of of styrofoam to fit inside the frame.
3. Wrap the styrofoam with burlap and secure with hot glue.
4. Tear (to get a frayed effect) a 2-inch-wide strip of patterned fabric.
5. Baste-stitch the other edge of the fabric.
6. Gather the fabric up and form in a circle so it takes the shape of a flower.
7. Add a silver brad in the middle as the flower's center.
8. Glue the flower to the burlap.
9. Glue a piece of green ric-rac trim from the bottom of the flower down (to look like a stem).
10. Insert into the frame.

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