12/25/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Press Conference Media Divided Into Cubs And White Sox Sections (VIDEO)

UPDATE 11/25 2:30 P.M.

A reporter who is a lifelong White Sox fan received an apology from President-elect Obama Tuesday after being put in the Cubs section during Monday's press conference.

The Obama camp divided the media into Cubs and White Sox sections for Monday's press conference. Although the team assignments were apparently arbitrary, McClatchy Newspapers' Steve Thomma was miffed enough about being placed with the Cubs that he wrote a comically-scathing pool report (scroll down to read).

On Tuesday, Obama apologized for the slight (exchange begins at 3:30):

In a nod to Chicago's rival baseball teams, the news media's seats at the Obama transition team's Monday press conference have been divided into two sections: White Sox and Cubs. The Sox, Obama's favorite team, are the South section, while the Cubs section comprises the North seats.

From the morning pool report from McClatchy's Steve Thomma:

Motorcade rolled from Hyde Park at 9:11 am CST, pulled into service entrance of the hotel at 9:19 am CST.
It's noteworthy that the press seats at the news conference have been divided into a White Sox section - to the South - and a Cubs section - to the North of the ballroom.
But in a crime against nature, your pooler - a genuine White Sox fan, a man who attended his first twi-night double header at the Old Comiskey in 1963, who sat behind third base for the 50th anniversary All Star Game there in '83, who knew Bill Veeck and the wonders of Disco Demolition night, who saw the great Ozzie play before he managed - has been assigned a seat in the Cubs section.