04/27/2012 04:40 pm ET

Barry Sonnenfeld, 'Men In Black 3' Director, Explains How Hollywood-Blockbuster Sausage Is Made

Barry Sonnenfeld is back with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to save the world -- and the summer box office -- with "Men in Black III," which opens May 25. The first "MIB" was a sleeper hit in 1997, and the 2002 sequel was a critical disappointment, but still made $441.8 million worldwide. Ten years later Smith and Jones return as Agents J and K, respectively; and there's also a second, younger Agent K (played by Josh Brolin), and a new boss agent -- Emma Thompson's "O," taking over the old Rip Torn role -- and then a younger version of her, too (played by Alice Eve). Which is to say, this is a movie about time travel. So it's complicated. (Really complicated -- Lady Gaga is in this picture, too.) The production was complicated as well, as has been widely documented, since they halted the expensive New York shoot to tinker with the script, which hadn't been finished when they started production. In search of further illumination, Vulture tracked Sonnenfeld down.


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