04/24/2012 11:37 am ET Updated May 09, 2012

311 Sends Miami Marlins Fans To Sun Life Stadium

It takes time to adjust to change, and the new Marlins Park is apparently requiring even more time.

Two Fish fans heading to a baseball game were accidentally routed to Sun Life Stadium by Miami-Dade County's 3-1-1 Answer Center,reports CBS Miami.

Marilyn Carroll and her daughter Susan were told to take the 99 bus from the Aventura Mall to get to the game. It didn’t take long to realize they were not on the right route, but the two had to ride north on the bus for the next 15 miles and ended up with a $50 cab fare to the new ballpark in Little Havana.

The 3-1-1 system has since been updated, spokesperson Liz Silva said. Read the entire story at CBS Miami.

Unfortunately, 3-1-1 wasn't the only service to get the new stadium wrong. Just a few weeks ago, GoogleMaps incorrectly told users that the $600 million Marlins Park was “permanently closed.” That error has also been fixed (phew!).

A third service, meanwhile, doesn't even have the stadium's name right: Tuesday morning, Mapquest was listing Marlins Park as "Baker Marlins Ball Park."

WATCH: Some other bumps in the Marlins Ballpark road: