04/13/2012 02:46 pm ET Updated May 09, 2012

Drake's Bar Mitzah Video Controversy: Temple Israel President Says Clip 'Not Consistent' With Jewish Reform Congregation (VIDEO)

Drake’s bawdy re-bar mitzvah-themed music video for new single “HYFR (Hell Yeah F----ing Right)” may have more than 1.6 million YouTube views, but the president of the Miami temple at which it was filmed wasn't entirely thrilled on closer inspection.

After initially telling the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the clip was "an embracing of religious passage," Temple Israel president Ben Kuehne took a listen to the lyrics ("I took her for sushi/she wanted to f---") and shortly changed his tune:

“The complete video is certainly not consistent with Temple Israel's longstanding history and reputation as a progressive voice in the Jewish Reform movement," Kuehne told JTA. "Temple Israel does not adopt, condone, or sponsor any aspect of the Drake video, and was not involved in its production."

Watch the video above (Warning: strong language).

With staged scenes shot partly inside Temple Israel's sanctuary in October, the video follows the Jewish Canadian rapper as he "recreates" his bar mitzvah, this time with rappers DJ Khaled and Lil’ Wayne and lyrics presumably more racy than anything played at his original bash in Toronto. (Little Drake, who is shown on home video saying, "Mazel tov!" and dancing, wasn't available for confirmation.)

Still, Kuehne told JTA he hoped the video would reinvigorate young believers in their faith: “Jewish youth will see the Drake video at least in part as a reminder to ‘re-commit' themselves to their Jewish religion," he said.

Drake, who is half black and half Jewish, told Heeb magazine that he attended Jewish school and grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in Toronto.

However, his "Jewishness" has come into question. Orthodox rapper Matisyahu told TMZ last year that while Drake might be the better rapper, "He's Jewish but he's not representing Judaism. He happens to be Jewish, just like Bob Dylan happens to be Jewish, just like anyone happens to be Jewish."

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