10/22/2008 03:35 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The World Series

Paul McCartney has just announced his new tour! He'll be playing at the Gil Hodges Bowling Alley lounge in Brooklyn -- capacity: 30.

Watch the American Idol two hour finale! This year aired exclusively on San Jose Comcast Public Access Channel 438.

The Mona Lisa is coming to the United States for a limited time only! Available for viewing in Myra Finklestein's five-floor-walk-up studio apartment in the East Village. She'll be home from work after 6.

Spiderman 4 will screen for one day only. Exclusive engagement on Norbert Pimskotch's iPod.

Sound ridiculous? No more so than the World Series beginning Wednesday at 8:22 PM on the east coast.

There have been some spectacular playoff games this year. Tampa Bay won a spine tingling extra inning game over the Red Sox Friday night. Were you up at 1:37? In game five Boston overcame an insurmountable seven run deficit in the 7th inning to beat the Rays 8-7. The game would become an instant classic if anyone saw it.

This year's All-Star Game was a thriller. The American League won in a five hour, 15 innings affair. The dramatic ending was seen in the east by eight 7-11 clerks (Five; three were robbed and tied up in the back).

The point is the networks schedule these games so late that no one can watch them. Why bother investing two hours in a story you know you'll fall asleep through before the climax? (I call this the "English Patient Syndrome") For the sake of being on in "prime time" networks kill the product. And MLB just looks the other way as they count their money.

Baseball is a sport that is passed down from generation to generation. It needs to attract kids to ensure its future. Name me one kid who fell in love with the grand old game by watching Jeannie Zelasko's pre-game show with in-studio analysts Kevin Kennedy and Mark Grace? Children have bedtimes and they're usually not 1:37 AM.

Good luck to the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series that begins tonight. I hope you can stay awake for it. I hope the players can stay awake for it.

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