03/09/2012 09:25 am ET

Dwight Howard Does Charles Barkley Impression, Pokes Fun At Shaq (VIDEO)

Move over Frank Caliendo. It turns out Dwight Howard also does a pretty good impression of Charles Barkley.

Just before Orlando snapped Chicago's eight-game winning streak on Thursday night, the All-Star center gave reporters a taste of his Barkley impersonation. Some reporters seemed surprised by Howard's impression, with one even saying "we didn't know about this talent."

"What do you mean? Where have you guys been?" Howard responded, as if everyone should know by now of his Barkley impression.

And perhaps they should. He's done it plenty of times before.


Howard later poked fun at Barkley's TNT colleague, Shaquille O'Neal, when a reporter asked him to do an impression of The Diesel.

"Can I do Shaq? I don't have captions.."