11/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

You Are Style: A Conversation

Last week's post began an exploration into what style is today and how this relates to each of us. If we think of style as a trait we posses innately instead of something that must be acquired, we have the chance to see ourselves, and those around us in a whole new light. Retrieving the idea of style from the jaws of consumerism and taking it into our hands, hearts and minds is a way to have a positive effect on both our own self-image and the larger cultural landscape.

As readers, your response to this idea was great! Your thoughts are exactly the wellspring I was referring to as a source that can stimulate reconnection with authentic style. Your input helps to clarify why we present ourselves in the ways that we do and what this means. By sharing advice, ("if I don't love it, I don't wear it"/ "own your own mind") critiquing the premise ("isn't all style superficial?") and pondering how the search for style makes us feel, we are reinvesting in the relevancy of our individual perceptions and the right to love what makes us different.

So you are style- what does this mean to you? We here at The Huffington Post want to know more. What are the shapes and colors of your style? Why do you choose to dress in the way that you do? How do you find what you wear? What is your favorite accessory, piece of clothing/jewelry etc. that you own and why is it special to you? When have you felt the most stylish in your life? How is the manifestation of your physical style related to what you believe, what you love and what you desire? What are your words, your pictures and your passions?

Authentic style, in the broadest sense of the "You Are Style" idea is the story of each of our lives. Obviously, life isn't about things, it's about experiences. Our experiences are more than just a sum of parts, but some of what informs experience is the knowing of "things." Through our observation, creation and use of material objects we amplify and stimulate our stories. Objects and how we express our ideas with them can encourage curiosity, creativity and experimentation. The pictures, stories, dreams and ideas of your personal style can help inform us let's begin the conversation!

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