02/16/2012 07:40 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2012

Dr. Phil Interviews Miramonte Students Who Claim To Be Victims Of Mark Berndt (VIDEO)

Alleged victims from Miramonte Elementary school went national about the allegations against teacher Mark Berndt in a Thursday episode of "Dr. Phil."

Two mothers and their daughters, represented by attorney Brian Claypool, spoke to Dr. Phil with their backs to the camera. They described how Berndt would inappropriately touch students and feed them what investigators say was his own semen.

One mother said that while her daughter is aware that something "bad" happened to her, she does not know the full significance of the allegations against Berndt. She told Dr. Phil that her daughter knows that she ate cookies with a kind of "poison" on top.

Investigators from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department allege that the former teacher used to feed students cookies with his own semen on them.

In the segment above, Dr. Phil asks two Miramonte students about their experience with Berndt, who now stands accused of lewd acts upon dozens of children.

Speaking backstage, the two children reveal some disturbing details about what it was like when Berndt allegedly fed them cookies.

The girl on the right described the cookies that Berndt allegedly gave her. "He gave me, like, a vanilla cookie with white frosting. And they had red and green sprinkles." She continued, "it tasted weird, but I didn't say anything... it tasted like I never tasted it before."

The girl on the left described the cookie's frosting as "slimy," saying that it "tasted like saliva." This student also claims that Berndt would touch her inappropriately. She said, "He used to touch on my parts that he wasn't supposed to" while complimenting her clothes.

This is the second time that alleged victims represented by Claypool have given television interviews about their experience. Last week, Los Angeles local news station KTLA aired a segment featuring a 10-year-old girl who claimed that a female teacher helped pick victims for the accused molester Mark Berndt.

Investigators from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department reacted to the KTLA interview by saying that the allegation that a teacher helped Berndt "is not true," reports KPCC. KTLA updated their story with the LASD's response.