10/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Makes The Call

Responding to pleas from government reformers, Democratic presidential nominee U.S. Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday phoned Illinois Senate President Emil Jones Jr. and asked him to call the Senate back into session "at the earliest possible opportunity" to consider a major pending ethics bill.

But there was no immediate indication that Mr. Jones is willing to go along.

In a statement, the Obama campaign said the nominee "called Sen. Jones to offer his strong support for the ethics reform bill pending before the Illinois Senate." Mr. Obama urged Mr. Jones, who has served as a sort of political mentor to him, to do so "at the earliest possible opportunity," the statement said.

The Obama campaign declined to elaborate on the morning phone conversation, and Mr. Jones' spokesman said she could not discuss the matter until conferring with her boss.

But one source close to the matter said Mr. Jones agreed to call the bill, but wouldn't commit to a date.

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