02/03/2012 05:25 am ET Updated Feb 03, 2012

Lisa Howze, State Representative For Detroit, Announces Mayoral Campaign

Michigan State Representative Lisa L. Howze is already suiting up for the 2013 Detroit mayoral race.

Howze said she will run for mayor of the city of Detroit on WJBK's "Let It Rip" Thursday night, and she will officially announce her candidacy Friday morning.

Currently representing the second district, a section of northeast Detroit bordering Eastpointe, the State Rep. will not run for re-election for the State House. The redrawn Michigan district maps, which were approved last August and take effect in 2013, divides the area of Howze's former district between four other districts.

Howze points to her background as a certified public accountant as a qualification for running a city with big financial challenges. She believes her legislative background will help her advocate for the city, a sentiment that packs a punch as Detroiters wait to hear the results from the financial review team investigating the true extent of the city's financial problems. Their findings will play a role in determining whether Governor Rick Snyder will appoint an emergency manager for Detroit.

"The inconsistency in Michigan law -- both its interpretation and application -- as it relates to the city of Detroit's financial health is mind-boggling to say the least," Howze said in a statement, addressing the recent mandate that Detroit must cut income taxes. "How can the Michigan Department of Treasury be of the opinion that Detroit's fiscal forecast is rosy enough to continue a statutorily required reduction in city income tax rates, yet is sufficiently dysfunctional to render the municipality a strong candidate for a governor-appointed emergency manager?"

On "Let It Rip," Howze spoke of the importance of finding new sources of revenue for the city. She has said her 2012 priorities are improving Detroit's finances, education and auto insurance reform.

Howze came close to gaining a City Council seat in the 2009 election, placing 10th out of 18 candidates for nine positions.

Howze isn't the first to announce intent to run for mayor. Roi Chinn, an administrator with the city's Municipal Parking Department, started his campaign in 2010, if his LinkedIn account is to be believed.

City Council President has not confirmed, but is "seriously considering" a run, according to Reuters. He has already said he won't seek re-election to Council. Current Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has not yet made official plans to run again.