02/02/2012 03:58 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2012

Facebook Baby Name Poll: Lindsey And Dave Meske, Illinois Couple, Announce Strangers' Pick (VIDEO)

A Crystal Lake, Ill. couple who left the name of their newborn child up to a public Facebook poll has announced the end of their strange survey.

Madelyn, the second child of Dave and Lindsey Meske, was born Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The Meskes, unable to come up with a name for their unborn child, narrowed down their options to four choices -- McKenna, Madelyn, Emily and Addilynne -- last fall and then left the decision up to a Facebook poll. No matter what the result, the couple claimed in September, they were dedicated to sticking with whatever the results of the poll told them.

As of last fall, some 500 people had weighed in on the matter, with the voting public stuck evenly between McKenna and Madelyn. By this week, 4,200 people from around the world voted in the poll, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, and 1,310 voters chose Madelyn. Emily came in second with 1,265 votes, while McKenna fell to third with 983 votes. Addilyne received 687 votes.

Dave explained the couple's decision to bring their impasse to the masses to CBS Chicago.

"With Facebook being such a huge part of our culture now, this is something that it's kind of going to," Dave told CBS.

For Madelyn's middle name, the couple was feeling much more decisive: They chose Rae -- a female slant on Ray, the name of Dave's grandfather's, according to the Tribune.

And as for when they will inform Madelyn of how they -- or, more accurately, thousands of strangers -- choose her name? They told the Sun-Times they will probably wait until junior high or whenever she "understands technology a little bit."