02/01/2012 11:33 am ET

'Glee' Valentine's Day Episode 'Heart': Official Images Released (PHOTOS)

It looks like it's finally time for clueless "Glee" heartthrob Finn Hudson to meet the fathers of his bride-to-be. On the Valentine's Day episode of "Glee," titled "Heart," Rachel's gay dads host a dinner party, and while we don't know who will be attending, we have a feeling that her fiancé is on the guest list.

In January TV Line reported that Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell had been cast as Rachel's gay dads on "Glee." Now, the first official images for the heart-warming episode have been released, and we have to say, Rachel looks pretty adorable posing with her dads.

Meanwhile, is Artie asking Sugar to be his Valentine? And why does Mercedes look so sad? Maybe her boyfriend found out about her and Sam's kiss.

Take a look at the images below, and tell us what you think. "Glee" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.