10/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin And Republican Hypocrisy

I have to tell you I am just about done with the mainstream media. The way they have been absolutely gushing over Sarah Palin's ability to read a speech is absolutely amazing to me. This after a few days when it looked like they might actually do their jobs and take a serious look into McCain's hasty and clearly un-vetted pick. More and more it is clear that the true story of Palin-McCain, since the media acts as if this is the real ticket, will come from places like The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, other bloggers, and even the unlikely National Enquirer, of all places. The MSM is just not able, it seems, to get it done.

One of the most important aspects of this week missed by the MSM, and I think the most serious for the country, is the outright and ridiculous hypocrisy exhibited by the Republicans in general, and the Christian conservatives who make up their main base, in particular.

On the teen pregnancy issue, I agree that our political arguments shouldn't be about the young girl. But what I absolutely have a huge problem with is the double standard on this subject. All of the major conservative Christian leaders and others on the far right came out in complete support of how wonderful the decision was for the Palin family to back their daughter and help her become a teen mother. It was hailed as a sign of their strong family values.

But where is that same sentiment or support for young black and Hispanic teen girls when they have babies? As I read someone else put it, when minority children have babies, it is an epidemic and a sign of the poor standards in our communities. When Bristol Palin has premarital sex and gets pregnant, it is to be applauded as a sign of how strong the family is because she will join the long list of teen mothers in this country. What a crock. These people should keep quiet from now on when black and brown teens have babies. They have no ground on which to stand after acting like this particular teen pregnancy is like a gift from God while minority teen pregnancies are the scourge of our society.

The other outrageous hypocrisy of the Republicans that the MSM seems to be ignoring is the fact that identity politics, as the Republicans like to charge the Democrats with, is absolutely O.K. when done by the Republicans. Republicans have made fun of and blasted liberals for years with the charge that our politics are based on appealing to certain cultural demographics, that we on the left use affirmative action politics, in a sense. And yet the fact that John McCain and his campaign have clearly chosen a candidate with just that logic goes without serious comment. If the selection of Sarah Palin isn't affirmative action at work, an attempt to appeal to a certain cultural group, conservative women and mothers, regardless of her credentials or experience to be president, then I don't know what affirmative action is.

Outright hypocrisy and double standards are clearly at play. When white teens have babies it is manna from heaven. When white men and women are selected for positions and promoted over more qualified people, it is just smart. But when minority girls have babies, the devil is at work, and when supposedly unqualified minorities are promoted, it is simply outrageous discrimination and wrong.

So I guess what's right and wrong has to do with the color of your skin and which side of the political aisle you're on. And the MSM just lets it all go by with hardly a comment.