01/12/2012 01:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Jerseylicious' Star Alexa Prisco Blasts New Jersey 'Housewives'

"Jerseylicious" star Alexa Prisco has a lot to say when it comes to fellow Jersey girls representing the Garden State. Prisco is dishing out some harsh words for everyone from Snooki to the New Jersey "Housewives."

"They need an education," the star of The Style Network's forthcoming "Glam Fairy" says of the "Jersey Shore" cast. "They need to learn grammar. They need some fundamental understanding of the English language."

Making the point that it isn't politically correct to perpetuate stereotypes, Alexa says that when it comes to Jersey, TV executives didn't get that memo.

"It's unfair because me and Snooki have nothing in common, nothing," Alexa tells me on my HDNet show, "Naughty But Nice With Rob."

However, she saves her harshest criticisms for the ladies on the Jersey edition of "Real Housewives."

"I can't even with the Housewives of New Jersey," Alexa vents. "This is the thing, there are different divisons of hookers, you know what I mean? There are hookers that made the right choice, that got the right guy and got a diamond and got a relationship. Because this is the thing, my shoes, my handbag, I bought them. I didn't have to have sex with anybody to get them and invest myself in a long term relationship."

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