01/12/2012 11:30 am ET

Justin Bieber And Other Young Stars Turning 18 In 2012

Along with your first kiss, getting your driver's license, and entering high school, turning 18 is a major milestone of your teenage years. 18 is not only the age when you can vote, buy lotto tickets, and fight for your country, but it's also the age when you're finally considered an adult.

When it comes to young Hollywood, turning 18 often marks a young star's transition to more mature roles (plus the chance to throw themselves a big birthday bash!). In an interview for this month's issue of V Magazine, soon-to-be-18 Justin Bieber opened up about growing up -- and how he's in no rush to leave his childhood behind.

Along with JB, some of our favorite young celebs will be taking a big step into adulthood this year. (And although he's still got a a few years, a big birthday shout-out goes to Cody Simpson, who turned 15 yesterday!).

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