12/19/2011 05:29 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2011

Detroit Cop Dances: YouTube Video Shows Uniformed Police Officer Grooving In Store

File this under things we always suspected but never thought we could prove: Detroit police officers know how to dance.

Or at least this one does. A Detroit cop was purportedly caught on a party store camera dancing while he scanned the store's selection of Faygo pop.

YouTube user Tessamc13 uploaded the video, appreciatively titled "DETROIT POLICE CAUGHT ON TAPE BREAKIN IT DOWN," in 2008, and it's since garnered more than 181,000 views. The surveillance video tape is dated 2005, so it's anybody's guess if Officer Smooth Moves is still on the force, but we still think a groove thang shakin' like this deserves a bit more attention.

He knows a number of steps, and breaks out his robot and a little bit of the hustle. Pay attention at 0:31 when he turns and smiles at the camera -- he knows he's good.

Tessamc13 has helpfully laid down a "Billie Jean" soundtrack, and frankly, Michael Jackson could get anybody doing a two-step -- even Detroit's finest.

Maybe when this officer asks suspects to walk a straight line, he also makes them do the Moonwalk.