12/16/2011 02:43 pm ET

LA's Most Googled Terms In 2011 (VIDEO)

What did people in Los Angeles Google-search for more than anything else in 2011? Sadly, it's true: the number one search term by traffic-plagued Angelenos was "Sigalert."

Google has released its 11th annual Zeitgeist, a list of the most popular and fastest rising search terms in a year. You can search regionally, with breakdowns for cities and countries on every continent, or you can search categorically, with breakdowns such as Entertainment and Sports.

Here's our analysis of LA's Top 10 Most Google-Searched Terms in 2011:

#1 "Sigalert" - The majority of Angelenos were employed and car-addicted and, thus, stuck in traffic.

#2 "EDD" - The rest of Angelenos were struggling to find employment post-2008 recession and, thus, searched California's Employment Development Department.

#3-7 "Magic Mountain", "Catalina Island", "OC Fair", "LA County Fair", "Griffith Observatory" - Tired of employment, unemployment and traffic, Angelenos sought to get away from it all.

#8-10 "Los Angeles Times", "Ventura County Star," "Daily Breeze" - When there was time, Angelenos read their trusted news sources (and forgot how to bookmark them?).

Globally, the top 10 fastest-rising search terms list has a few surprises:

1) Rebecca Black
2) Google +
3) Ryan Dunn
4) Casey Anthony
5) Battlefield 3
6) iPhone 5
7) Adele
8) TEPCO Fukushima Plant (in Japanese)
9) Steve Jobs
10) iPad 2.