12/07/2011 09:29 am ET Updated Feb 13, 2014

Cannon Tubb, Colo. Nurse That Allegedly Stole Patient Identities, Will Not Go To Prison (VIDEO)

Cannon Tubb, a 31-year-old nurse that is accused of stealing the identities of hospital patients in Adams County, will not see prison time despite prosecutors requesting a prison sentence, instead he'll serve six years' probation, The Denver Post reports.

According to 7News, Tubb worked for a now-defunct nurse staffing agency that placed him in the intensive care units of multiple health care facilities including Centura Health, Platte Valley Medical Center and Boulder Community Hospital. In 2010 and 2011, Tubb allegedly accessed patient records and stole personal credit card information from multiple patients.

Tubb's crimes were discovered when when one of his victims was contacted by a store regarding a credit card application they did not submit themselves, CBS4 reports.

A total of 273 patients were notified of the breach, 9News reports -- 76 at Platte Valley Medical Center, 123 patients at several Centura Health facilities, and 74 at Boulder Community Hospital.

When Tubb was first arrested for the identity theft crimes, he was charged with 90 felonies. And in 2009 he was charged with using blank prescription forms for his own use in Texas, where Tubb was originally licensed, but the crimes did not appear on a national database until January 2011. By that time he'd allegedly already committed 90 felonies.