07/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mean, Green And Sexy: The Lotus Eco Elise

The standard Lotus Elise S is an enthusiast's dream car. Supercharged power, light weight, and nimble handling make for a compelling toy -- one that happens to also pull down 27 mpg highway and over 20 mpg in combined daily driving. It's almost a perfect combination as is. How do you make even better? You turn it into a green showcase while not diminishing its core attributes in the least.

At the London Motor Show later this month, Lotus will unveil the Eco Elise, a study that demonstrates how the little Lotus can be further improved upon, both in terms of performance and sustainability. Thanks to using more sustainable materials and processes in its construction, the Eco Elise boasts a smaller environmental footprint over its entire life cycle than its regular Elise siblings.

Read the full story here or watch video of the Elise's less-sustainable (but similarly sexy) cousin: