07/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gov. Siegelman at Netroots Nation: Bush's Undoing?

UPDATE : This conversation will be streaming live exclusively at AirAmerica on Friday, July 18th 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM these times are central times

As more and more corruption and law breaking at the highest reaches of our Government reveal themselves, will the scandal surrounding the use of the Department of Justice as an electoral tool be the one that finally holds the Bush administration to account? If so, there is one man who's story may seal the unraveling of this criminal regime.

Former political prisoner and former Governor of Alabama DonSiegelman will be making a court sanctioned trip out of Alabama to join me atNetroots Nation to discuss his case and what it can tell us about theunprecedented corruption that exists in our nation's chief law enforcementagency, the Department of Justice.

By now many are familiar with the case of Don Siegelman. Avery popular former Democratic Alabama Governor seen as an electoral threat tounseat Republican Bob Riley. Faced with the most popular Democrat ingenerations, Congressional testimony reveals that Republican operatives in Alabama and Karl Rovesdirty tricks shop in the White House used the prosecution powers of the DOJ'sUnited States Attorneys to send Don Siegelman to jail on trumped up charges.

The doggedreporting by on-line journalists like Talking Points Memo, Larisa Alexandrovnaand Scott Horton, Congressional hearings and a sixty minutes interview forced an appellate Court to reexamine the Siegelman case. Within days Siegelman was released from prison pending his appeal and the court found "that his appeal raises substantial questions of law or fact...". Reagan's Attorney General Richard Thornburgh and 54 former US Attorneys of allpolitical stripes from across the country smell a rat. Not surprisingly, that rat smells a lot like KarlRove, the Fox news commentator and former White House dirty trickster.

For over a year and a half now we have known of the US Attorney firings scandal that has forcedthe resignations of countless DOJ officials. The Siegelman case is the otherside of the coin of the corruption of the Department of Justice under the Bushadministration. Those US attorney firings took place because those USAttorney's would not play ball with a DOJ hell bent on using it's powers to provideRepublicans an advantage at the ballot box. Some refer to this scandal as thepoliticization of the Department of Justice, but the Siegelman case and other suchprosecutions over the past six years go well beyond a mere infraction of theHatch act. These cases are indicative of an agenda that has literally torn atthe fabric of a nation built upon the rule of law and justice for all. This isa corruption of the very foundations of how the United States of America issupposed function as a democracy. When the chief law enforcement agency has becomecrooked, who do you call?

Fox commentator Karl Rove, through his attorney, has claimedthat simply because he once worked at the White House he need not comply with aCongressional subpoena to testify as to his involvement with this prosecution.Karl Rove may not be traveling to Washington anytime soon, but Don Siegelmanwill be traveling to Austin Friday at Netroots Nation to give us some insightas to just how far we have fallen as a a nation.

If you have any questions you'd like me to ask of the formerGovernor, feel free to head over here and offer them up.