12/01/2011 02:08 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2012

John Carter Trailer: Taylor Kitsch Goes To Mars (VIDEO)

Though it's based on a novel over a century old, the general public may not be quite sure what to make of the upcoming Disney sci-fi action film, "John Carter." At the very least, audiences can be sure of one thing: it's going to be gigantic.

A new trailer for the Taylor Kitsch-starring flick has hit the web, showing off the massive, sweeping visuals that veteran Pixar director Andrew Stanton has created in his first live-action film. Kitsch stars in the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation as a Confederate army veteran who is transported to Mars and finds himself leading a battle against superior invading armies.

The film is a bit of a gamble for Disney, given its massive $250 million budget, especially since it's an unknown property. But given the trailer's epic look, if any movie has a chance to start its own following, "John Carter" may just be that film.