11/29/2011 08:44 am ET Updated Nov 29, 2011

Jon Stewart Rips Pepper Spray-Happy UC Davis Cops, Black Friday Shopper (VIDEO)

"The Daily Show" returned from its Thanksgiving break Monday night, with Jon Stewart wasting no time catching up on the abundance of pepper spray-related news from the last week.

Just two months after Stewart condemned NYC Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna for using pepper spray on passive Occupy Wall Street protesters, it turns out that "Tony Baloney" isn't even the biggest pepper-spraying offender out there.

Of course, we're talking about the UC Davis police who were caught on tape doing what appears to be "casually rust-proofing" a group non-aggressive college student protesters directly in the face. Like the rest of the Internet, Stewart could hardly believe how nonchalantly the officers doused the young people -- who were seated on the ground -- with the painful spray:

"You know, there are better ways to get college kids to move," Stewart said. "Hey everybody! Green Day's in the quad! Free tacos!"

Unfortunately, police weren't the only ones who inappropriately maced humans while "The Daily Show" was on hiatus. When Stewart heard about the Black Friday Wal-Mart shopper who pepper sprayed 20 people over an X-Box 360 console -- not to mention, the media referring to it as "competitive shopping" -- he concluded that pepper spray might just be America's new "ahem," so to speak:

"Pepper spray is our new car horn!"

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