11/21/2011 04:11 pm ET

Google Search iPad App Brings Easier Searching For Tablet Users (VIDEO)

Google has announced a "significant" redesign of their Google iPad app.

According to the Google Mobile Blog, several of the design changes focus on making the app more visually oriented and less reliant on typing since, as Google acknowledges, "typing can be a challenge" on the iPad.

Some of the new features include Google Instant, which is already standard on desktop Google search. On the iPad app, Google Instant auto-completes search phrases as you type, the aim being that your intended results will appear before you finish typing.

There is also a new visual way to view your search history. Instead of a list of all the websites you've visited, the app stacks images of the web pages by search term.

Finally, with Instant Preview users can click an icon in the upper right-hand corner of their screen to see a visual preview of the pages that came up in their search.

Google has also changed the way pages load. When you click on a website, the page slides in from the right so you can continue to scroll through search results as it loads.

The new search app also adds two new icons, a magnifying glass and a "+1" button, at the top of web pages to help the user find and share relevant information. The magnifying glass icon highlights places where your search phrase appears on a web page you found via Google Search. The "+1" button lets you share that page with your Google+ circles.

While ZDNet was disappointed that the app was "a glorified version" of Google Search for desktop browsers, All Things D liked the app and ranked it better than the Google Search app for Android. Writes AllThingsD, "And while Google clearly would like its tablets to take off, it can't afford to lose ground in its core search business while Apple runs away with the market."

The updated app is available now in Apple's App Store.

Take a look at a demo of Google's updated Search app for iPad (below), courtesy the Google Mobile Blog.