11/16/2011 02:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Top Chef' Episode 3 Preview: 'Motherf*cking Snakes On Some Motherf*cking Plates'

In tonight's episode of Top Chef (episode 3), Padma Lakshmi channels Samuel L. Jackson and gets pretty serious about those motherf*cking snakes. Rattlesnakes are traditional in Texas cuisine and for tonight's Quickfire, the snakes are waiting in sealed boxes to greet the chefs. 'When time is up I better see some "motherf*cking snakes on some motherf*cking plates," quips Lakshmi.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs must create a feast and cater a Quincinera party, a coming of age celebration in Mexican culture. One team argues about the use of pre-cooked shrimp. "Who would buy pre-cooked shrimp in a cooking competition? The point is to cook the shrimp," said cheftestant Sarah Grueneber. Fellow competitor Lindsay Autry agreed, "It's baffling to me that anyone would assume that a pre-cooked product was acceptable."