11/01/2011 01:48 pm ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

It's Time for the Kardashians to Retire

It's safe to say that the news coverage of Kim Kardashian's wedding lasted longer than the actual marriage. The Kardashians used to be the trainwreck that I could not look away from. I was (and still am) stunned that they have such a following considering that their show(s) are scripted and mostly everything they do is a giant scheme for ratings. Now I just choose to look away and pretend they don't exist. Until something like this divorce hits the news.

This takes the cake. Literally. This whole wedding and marriage sham is completely insulting to anyone and everyone who even had the misfortune to know about it.

I didn't watch their wedding special, but in a moment of weakness, I did catch a couple scenes. In one scene, Kim was filling out the marriage license paperwork and saying to the consultants helping her that she wasn't going to change her name. Kris walked in to hear this news and seemed quite shocked as he expressed in his Talking Head Interview. Aren't these things people talk about before they get married? And shouldn't it happen before the cameras are rolling?

The other scene I had the horror of catching was Kris saying he didn't know Kim was married before. While I do feel bad for Kris Humphries all around because he seemed to get sucked into the Kardashian machine, I don't feel so sorry for him on this. Google has the answers to everything and that little detail was pretty much common knowledge, big guy. Let me give you a hint for your next wife/girlfriend, call it your take-home lesson from me, free of charge: If there's an E! True Hollywood Story about your girlfriend, watch it.

I'd like to think that we could come together as a country and say, "Enough." We deserve more from our celebrities than this, and I'm using that word "celebrity" lightly here. Kim should have to return the money she robbed from all the media outlets she sold wedding coverage to. And Kim should have the sense to realize that "her brand" is about to suffer tremendously. Does anyone even believe her shenanigans are real anymore?

Once you lose your credibility, it's a quick ride to the bottom.

Lucky her ass has extra cushion.


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