06/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Brits Blast BBC As "Publicity Machine" For Cherie Blair's Memoirs

The BBC has been accused of acting as a publicity machine for Cherie Blair with its blanket coverage of her memoirs.

Listeners are furious at the way the corporation's airwaves have been repeatedly handed over to the former prime minister's wife to promote her book, Speaking for Myself.

During a 30-minute interview with Jenni Murray on the Radio 4 programme Woman's Hour, Mrs Blair used the phrases 'the book' or 'my book' 45 times - prompting suggestions she was desperately plugging it.

The following week she was back on Radio 4 reading extracts of her memoirs on Book of the Week for 15 minutes each day from Monday to Friday. The show also had a repeat each day.

Licence fee-payers have condemned the scale of coverage as a 'scandalous misuse of the licence fee' and said it has become part of the 'Blair moneymaking machine'.

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