10/20/2011 05:13 pm ET Updated Dec 20, 2011

Republicans' Vile Attack Is New Low

Republicans are desperate to discredit hardworking Americans who are protesting the Republican policies that breed more corporate greed than help for the middle class.

It's not surprising: time and time again the GOP has chosen to put tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires, and Big Oil companies before middle-class priorities like creating jobs and protecting Medicare and Social Security.

But now they've sunken to a new low: They're questioning my commitment to my own religion.

This morning, the National Republican Congressional Committee released an attack video and website, "Steve Israel stands with them," that smears the entire movement of working people frustrated with the status quo and personally attacks my commitment to my own Jewish community.

It's vile.

Hard working people are standing with middle income families across the country who are angry about Republican policies that failed them. The American people are outraged, and they have every right to be.

National Republicans may disagree with Americans who are calling for Congress to take action on jobs and economic fairness but that is no excuse for attacking my religious faith -- or anyone else's.

I'm proud of my Jewish heritage, of my leadership for Israel's safety and security and my strong fight against the serious threats of anti Semitism. It is outrageous that national Republicans are questioning that.

Please stand with us and sign our petition to the NRCC and Washington Republican to stop the disgraceful attacks and start a real debate about jobs and how we can move America forward.

They're attacking me to try to silence you -- because they think it's wrong that you're frustrated and even angry about what Republicans are trying to do to this country. The personal attacks they've launched on me for standing with you are nothing in comparison to the hardships faced by middle income families across America every day.

Americans deserve a debate about our ideas. They deserve answers and solutions that rebuild the middle class and restore the American dream. They deserve representatives that make the middle class a priority again.

They can come at me as hard as they want, but I'm not backing down. Will you continue to stand with me? Stand with us today.