10/18/2011 03:12 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2011

Celebrity Roommates Before They Were Stars (PHOTOS)

Before they were stars, some of today's hottest celebrities lived a lot like us. Before the multi-million dollar paychecks and enormous homes, life as a struggling actor meant having to split the rent.

Sure, nearly everyone has lived with a roommate, but what are the odds both roomies go on to find fame? It happens more often then you might think. Hollywood is a small town and who better to run lines with than another aspiring star?

Below is a photo of Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand who were randomly assigned as roommates while studying at Yale University. In 1982 they were roomies again when they rented a place together in the Bronx, NY.

And while they were already famous, Raven Symone and Lindsay Lohan hit it off at a fashion shoot and decided that since neither of them were going to college, they'd try to have a "roommate experience" anyway.

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