10/09/2011 09:37 am ET Updated Dec 09, 2011

Miss Pre-Teen N.Y., Shania Brenon, Collects Food For Hospital Parents' Lounge (VIDEO)

When Shania Brenon heard that parents of cancer patients rely on donations for meals in the hospital lounge, she was moved to action. The 13-year-old Miss Pre-Teen New York decided to organize a food drive at her school, reports.

Brenon's food collection was so successful, she was able to stock the lounge in Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y and parents will no longer have to leave their children's sides to get food.

"This is a wonderful donation for the hospital. We're so excited," child life specialist Tara Young told the news network. "This is as big deal to have food in the parent lounges."


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