10/07/2011 01:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ellen DeGeneres And Mike O'Brien Go In The Closet For '7 Minutes In Heaven' (VIDEO)

Mike O'Brien is quite the playboy. Not only has he allured starlets from Christina Ricci to Patricia Clarkson to his closet for 7 Minutes in Heaven, he's even brought in surprisingly game fellas like Tracy Morgan and Jason Sudeikis. But now, he's brought in a woman who hasn't been in a closet since the early '90s: Ellen DeGeneres.

O'Brien, a comedian and writer for "Saturday Night Live," enters the closet for another installment of his Hulu series. He asks Ellen a variety of questions, but the highlight is making DeGeneres respond to the YouTube comments of her contentious interview with Sen. John McCain over gay rights.

And, as always, you'll have to watch to find out if Ellen and O'Brien consummate their closet time with a kiss.