WATCH: Barefoot Running Shoes Road Test

Sep 15, 2011 | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Watch as fitness whiz Pooja Mottl tests out Vibram's Five Fingers barefoot running shoes in N.Y.C.'s Central Park, proving the five-toed shoes are good for more than just logging miles.

About Pooja:

Pooja Mottl is inspiring a contemporary and integrated approach to healthy living in America. Pooja seeks to give individuals the tools and perspective to navigate through the latest food and fitness fads in order to make the best decisions for their daily health.

A chef and certified fitness professional, Pooja has done research, writing and consulting in the areas of sustainable food and nutrition -- a big leap from where she began her career as an investment banker on Wall Street. Pooja currently lives in Manhattan.

You can find her on Twitter @poojamottl and Facebook.

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