Nate Robinson's Son Delivers Two Huge Football Hits: NBA Star Films His 6-Year-Old Laying Kids Out (VIDEO)

Aug 23, 2011 | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Get this kid a scholarship offer... and maybe a teddy bear.

A video of Nate Robinson's 6-year-old son laying out his peers at a football practice has been racking up hits on Youtube all day. The best part? His proud daddy is cheering him on the entire time.

The video begins with the son of the diminutive NBA dunk champion missing a tackle during a hitting drill. When the youngster walks back towards his teammates, the Oklahoma City Thunder guard gives him some words of encouragement. The young boy looks at his Dad in acknowledgment... and then it's on.

When the next whistle blows, the 6-year-old darts towards the ball carrier and delivers a helmet-first hit that may garner him a $50,000 fine when he makes it to the NFL. His elated father -- who was once a two-sport athlete at the University of Washington, playing cornerback on the football team -- then tells his son, "You made Dad proud right there!"

But the kid isn't done yet, he gets back in line, points to his father, and proceeds to deliver yet another huge hit when the whistle blows.

Suffice to say, it was a pretty interesting father-son moment all-around.