Four-Legged Chicken Prepared For Slaughter In Jerusalem (VIDEO)

Jun 29, 2011 | Updated Aug 29, 2011

Tara Cleary reports for Reuters that a four-legged chicken is on "death row" at a Jerusalem slaughterhouse in the Mea Shearim neighborhood. According to the slaughterhouse owner, it is unclear whether he will be allowed to butcher the hen. He plans to give it to a rabbi to determine whether or not it is kosher to do so. He says, "If it's kosher, we'll slaughter it, if not, we will see what to do." In a rather disturbing conclusion, Cleary announces, "If the chicken does run foul of the rabbi's commandment, at least it will provide double the drumsticks."

If the legs are tied together, according to local rabbis, the chicken is not kosher. This they said could only be determined by slaughtering the animal... However, the chicken may survive if [slaughterhouse owner Yoel] Kroish decides to go ahead with his plan and sell the chicken to the highest bidder, media reports said.

Kosher practices hit news recently when The Associated Press reported that the Dutch parliament passed a bill banning the slaughter of livestock without stunning it first. If enacted and enforced, it would outlaw procedures that make meat kosher, and observant Jewish people may have to "import meat from abroad, stop eating it altogether, or leave the Netherlands." The political left supported the ban, deeming ritual slaughter to be "inhumane."

This raises the question -- is there any "humane" way to murder an animal? And if it is deemed wrong to slaughter a four-legged chicken, why is it right to slaughter all of the two-legged ones?