Long Island Serial Killer: Two More Sets Of Remains Found At NY Beach

Apr 11, 2011 | Updated Jun 11, 2011

UPDATE: (AP) – Police have found what they suspect are human remains in two locations near a New York beach, bringing to 10 the number of potential victims of a possible serial killer.

Lt. Kevin Smith said a human skull was found among vegetation about 90 feet from Ocean Parkway on Long Island on Monday afternoon. Police found another set of remains earlier in the day.

Both sets of remains were sent to the Nassau County Medical Examiner office for further analysis.

ORIGINAL POST: WANTAGH, N.Y. -- State police say investigators looking for evidence of a serial killer have found bones at New York's Jones Beach State Park, but it's unclear if they're from a human.

The bones will be evaluated by a medical examiner.

About 125 searchers, some with dogs and others on horseback, scoured a new section of Long Island on Monday.

The new search area is along Ocean Parkway in Nassau County. Officers in neighboring Suffolk County to the east uncovered eight sets of human remains in recent months.

The area is thick with underbrush, creating difficult conditions.

A New Jersey woman who was the initial focus of the search is still missing.

Authorities believe the deaths may be the work of a serial killer. No suspect has been identified.