Captured Reporters Said To Be In Libyan Detention Facility

Apr 11, 2011 | Updated Jun 11, 2011

UPDATE: White House spokesman Jay Carney called for the release of the four reporters captured in Libya. Speaking during Monday's White House press briefing, Carney said, ""We call ... for the release of any journalists detained, any human rights activists, anyone detained unlawfully or inappropriately, and in this case, specifically with those journalists in mind, we call on and demand their release."

ORIGINAL POST: At least three of the four journalists captured by the Libyan military last week are said to be in a detention facility in Tripoli, The Atlantic reported Monday.

The four reporters--Clare Morgana Gillis, who works for The Atlantic, James Foley, who works for GlobalPost, Manu Brabo, a Spanish photographer and Anton Hammerl, a South African photographer--were captured at around 1 PM a few miles from the government-controlled city of Brega. The Atlantic said Monday that they had last been seen at the facility on Thursday, and that it could not confirm whether Hammerl was at the center. It also said that nobody outside the Libyan government has talked to the reporters.

The journalists would appear to have been held in a detention center for longer than the four New York Times reporters captured in Libya last month. They were held in various facilities for two days, before the government took them to a house in Tripoli and kept them there for four further days. They were also allowed to briefly contact people outside of Libya.

The reporters' detention is the latest in an increasingly long line of attacks, detentions and even deaths in Libya since violence broke out in that country.