Mum's The Word For Giuliani On Gore's Nobel Prize

Oct 12, 2007 | Updated May 25, 2011

While the Democratic candidates for president have naturally raced to get statements out about Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize win, Republican candidates don't have much to say thus far.

The Huffington Post asked Rudy Giuliani's campaign if they would put out a statement on the award. Here's the response we got from campaign spokeswoman Maria Comella:


So, that's that. Other Republican frontrunners, including Fred Thompson, who was elected to the Senate from Tennessee the term after Gore left the office to become Bill Clinton's Vice President, have kept the traps shut.

The Republican candidates have said comparatively little about climate change on the campaign trail. During Tuesday's debate in Dearborn, Michigan, Sen. John McCain brought up global warming in the context of nuclear energy, while Mitt Romney spoke somewhat awkwardly of, "the fear of the fact that we face global warming."