Dita Von Teese On Sweatpants: Why Would I Wear Them? Who Wants To Purposefully Feel Crappy?

Jul 19, 2010 | Updated May 25, 2011

Dita Von Teese, she of burlesque and Perrier fame, recently sounded off on the subject of sweatpants. When asked if she'd ever wear a pair, she remarked, "Why would I do that? Who wants to purposefully feel crappy?"

But, don't get her wrong, Miss Von Teese isn't high maintenance. She revealed that she gets ready just as quickly as any other woman she knows. She told Vogue UK, "I have a lot of friends that have a very natural look and it takes just as long [to achieve]. They straighten their hair, wear all that bronzer and beige lipstick and apply 50 coats of mascara to make themselves look natural. I'm doing the same thing just with different colors. I set my hair which is actually quicker than a blow dry."