Diane Passage's Stripper PHOTOS: Kenneth Starr's Wife, Former Scores' Girl "Chase," Allegedly Profited From Scheme

May 28, 2010 | Updated May 25, 2011

The heat may be on celebrity finance advisor Kenneth Starr, but his wife is also in the spotlight -- again.

Diane Passage, a former stripper who now runs in socialite circles, is also named in court papers as having held "a series of 'no-show' jobs at sham corporations and burned through money stolen from his wealthy clients."

According to the Daily News, before hooking up with Starr, Passage worked at an advertising agency by day and stripped at the legendary Scores at night in order to support her child.

Passage danced under the name "Chase" before marrying Starr and becoming a movie and music producer.

Passage has not been charged in the investigation.

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