She's Not a Doctor, But She Plays One on TV

Jul 02, 2007 | Updated May 25, 2011

Katherine Heigl, the actress that plays Dr. Izzy Stevens on Grey's Anatomy has designed a new line of scrubs "...that would allow women to infuse some of their personality and style into their work apparel."

"I have tremendous respect for women in the healthcare industry," said Katherine. "I know that it is often a difficult and thankless job... When you feel good about how you look, you are more confident, more motivated and it can lift your spirits."

OK, I guess. Should doctors and nurses feel ashamed that we didn't do this sooner?

Instead, we have been stealing free, fashion-less, burlap-esque scrubs from the hospitals for years until they installed the Scrub-O-Matics which now require a trade of our used ones for new fresh ones, rolled up like a turkey wrap.

I don't think anyone would complain about scrubs improving. In fact, in our Hospital Haute Couture article from some weeks back we discussed the new trends popping up in nosocomial fashion.

But for those who actually wear scrubs because they need to wear scrubs, high fashion is not of great concern. More concerning is, can I write pager extension numbers on the thighs?

Wearing fancy scrubs is like taking a new car into a demolition derby. No one is excited about getting vomit, blood, and urine on their nice-looking garb (or putting those scrubs into their washing machine), which is why hospital-issue scrubs are washed in the hospital.katherine.jpg

But that does not mean they won't be successful. Most scrubs worn in the hospital these days are less about the deflection of bodily fluids and more about comfort and finding clothes that are conducive to being on your feet all day- especially for the notoriously understaffed and overworked nurses.

Heigl and her business partner, Peaches Uniform founder and chief executive Barry Rothschild, will score huge as healthcare professionals are always grateful when they are recognized for their long hours and hard work.

"We want women in healthcare to feel good about what they do, show the world who they are and love how they look. Katherine is a role model for many women, especially in the healthcare industry. It's only natural for them to want to emulate her style."

Ironically, many nurses and doctors do go into this field to help people. But even more so, for those times when people actually thank them for the care that they have provided and applaud their effort -- and when a TV star champions their cause and designs a line of scrubs, forget about it.

The truth is, Heigl was smart enough to take advantage of the business opportunity that existed and if her recognizable face will make women in healthcare more stylish and comfortable at work, fantastic! Perhaps other stars should consider doing the same. Stay tuned for new Top 5 List of TV Stars' and the Products they are Selling as a Result of a Fictional Life.