Report On Steven Kazmierczak: NIU Shooter Was 'Fragile,' 'Angry'

May 18, 2010 | Updated May 25, 2011

The Northern Illinois University graduate who killed five students and wounded 21 others in one of the worst college shootings in U.S. history may have been motivated by anger toward his former campus, which he saw as a surrogate family, according to a 300-page report released by the university this morning.

More than two years after the Feb. 14, 2008 shooting, the report is, in part, the university's attempt to explain why Steven Kazmierczak -- wearing a black T-shirt with the word "Terrorist" printed over a picture of an assault rifle across the chest -- returned to NIU on Valentine's Day, kicked in the door leading to a lecture hall stage and shot dozens of rounds into the auditorium as students fled through the aisles or sat stunned in their seats.

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