10 Reasons Why People Who Give A Damn About The World Make Better Lovers

Feb 14, 2014 | Updated Feb 18, 2014

If you like it vanilla, redundant and entirely unimaginative, you probably should steer clear of the activist set. But if you're in the market for a lover who knows how to shake things up, we've got 10 reasons why an activist is exactly the type you've been looking for.

  • 1 They’re Not Afraid of Getting a Little LOUD.
  • You might want to keep the bullhorn out of the bedroom, but any activist worth her salt won't need one.
  • 2 Standing Up or Sitting In -- They've Mastered Endless Positions.
  • On the floor, in a chair, standing up, against a wall, in a tree -- imagine the possibilities.
  • 3 They’re Not Afraid to Get A Little Dirty.
  • Protesting for days in a row or sweating it out amidst a crowd; activists don't worry about keeping it clean.
  • 4 Handcuffs Are Par for the Course.
    AXEL SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images
  • You never know when you'll have to handcuff yourself to a tree -- or to your fellow protesters. A necessity in any activist's tool kit, your favorite tree-hugger is bound to have a pair lying around -- and our guess is they'll know exactly how to use them.
  • 5 They Think Outside the Box.
  • Activism demands creativity and cunning -- skills that translate in wondrous ways. You won't get bored when your lover is an activist; they'll dream up plenty of ways to keep things interesting.
  • 6 They Believe That Things Can Always Be Better
  • Rarely content with "good enough," activists KNOW two things for certain: (1) There's always room for improvement. (2) They're capable of delivering it.
  • 7 They'll Go All Night if They Have To
  • If the job doesn't get done in the daylight, they're more than happy to keep it up through the night. Activists know that real passion doesn't have a bedtime.
  • 8 They Know How to Command Attention -- Even When it Means Breaking the Rules
    AP Photo/Yves Logghe
  • "Business as usual" should never extend to your bedroom -- and with an activist in your bed, it never will. They know for certain that rules are meant to be broken.
  • 9 They Know What They Want -- and How to Ask for It.
    PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images
  • If your lover is an activist, you won't have to play any guessing games or deal with mixed signals. There's no beating around the bush with an activist -- unless that's what you're into ...
  • 10 Their Passion Never Fades
    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • Everybody is into it for the initial spark, but true activists know how to keep the fire burning for the long haul.