'Slut' Gets Credit Card Offer From Bank Of America

Feb 07, 2014 | Updated Feb 07, 2014

A California writer received a highly unusual credit card offer from Bank of America this week: It was addressed to “Lisa is a Slut McIntire.”

While "Lisa" is her first name and "McIntire" is indeed her last, the "Is a Slut" part appeared to have been added by Bank of America, so she called out for help on Twitter:

After a series of Tweets, Bank of America apologized:

Apparently, McIntire's name had been changed in the database of the Golden Key International Honour Society, of which she's a member. The Society partnered with the bank on the credit card offer, shared the names in its database with the bank, and McIntire received the unusual (not to mention offensive) mailing.

McIntire wrote on Twitter that a Golden Key rep couldn't tell her how or why she was insulted -- at least in their database -- but said it appears to have happened between 2004 and 2008.

McIntire seems to be keeping a sense of humor about it. Her Twitter profile now includes the line, "Ask me about my middle name."

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