20 Things We Can Do After 50 That We Couldn't Do At 20

Jan 08, 2014 | Updated Jan 23, 2014

When I was in college, I worked summers at a mortgage company, processing loans by day -- while going clubbing (often at 24-hour gay bars) by night. I'd roll in sometime around 3 a.m., get a few hours of sleep, and then bounce up and out as soon as the alarm went off at 7:15 in order to make it into the office by 8:30. If I incurred that sort of sleep debt today, at 51, I'd have to be pried out of bed with a crowbar.

Even so, I wouldn't want to be 20 again. Today, I may have wrinkled elbows but I also have more self-awareness, a great husband and three children I can't imagine my life without. I have no problem sitting down at concerts, staying home on a Saturday night (well, at least some Saturday nights) or letting go of old friends I no longer like or enjoy being around.

And, for others too, there are plenty of things easier to do after 50. We asked our Facebook fans what they can do at 50 or 60 or 70 that they couldn't or wouldn't do in their youth. Here are just a few of their responses. Have anything to ask? Let us know in comments.

comfortable shoes

rhett butler

couple playing golf

13) "Holidays," said Sherina Yeoh.

woman hugging her mother

17) "Speak my mind," said Brenda Cunningham.

19) "TOTAL FREEDOM!!!!" said Melinda L. Hayden.

20) "Goof off with grandsons!" said Jean Dedeke Gill.

grandparents playing with grandsons

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