Pixies' Bassist Kim Shattuck Fired By The Band

Dec 02, 2013
Gary Wolstenholme via Getty Images

Less than six months after Kim Shattuck was brought on board to be the new bassist for The Pixies, she was fired by the band.

Shattuck, also a performer for The Muffs, was hired by The Pixies this summer to replace long-time bassist Kim Deal. (Deal quit The Pixies in June, after 25 years of work with the band.)

Shattuck took to Twitter and Facebook to announce her departure from The Pixies, voicing her disappointment that her time with the band has ended. While she confirmed that she will no longer be performing with the group, she gave no explanation as to why she has been let go.

The Pixies, who released a new E.P. in September, have yet to comment on dropping Shattuck.