Clapboard House Goes Up in Times Square (?)

Mar 27, 2010 | Updated May 25, 2011
Walking down 49th Street west of 8th Ave, I noticed an unusual building behind a construction barrier...


Clapboards, in Times Square? Given that anything new in this area tends to be glass, steel, or less frequently brick, this is definitely an oddity, silly gimmick or not. But is this a new construction? A check on Google Maps Streetview reveals that a year ago, things were a bit different...




The address is 249 West 49th Street, which used to be a decently-reviewed old school Italian restaurant called Baldoria (closed a year ago). The four windows on the original brick structure seem to perfectly match up with the new look, suggesting this is just a new facade. But for what sort of restaurant?


Thoughts or guesses? I wonder how much they're charging for the third floor space...The lack of roof should bring the rent down a bit.

Update! Alert reader David did some research and leaned that this is soon to be the "Smokehouse 49th Street" ... so yeah.


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