Dexter Manley Called Troy Aikman 'A Queer' On WTOP Radio In DC And Won't Be Returning (AUDIO)

Oct 28, 2013

Former Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley won't be making any further appearances on WTOP radio in Washington D.C. after calling Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman a "queer" on the air on Monday morning.

Hosts Mike Moss and Bruce Alan were analyzing Washington's loss to Denver when one of them asked, jokingly, if Aikman, now a commentator for FOX Sports, might have jinxed the local team by calling the game.

"I think Troy Aikman is a queer," Manley responded.

The comment took Moss and Alan by surprise. They gave the 54-year-old an opportunity to rescind his comment but he initially refused.

"No," Manley said. "I'll just say I take that back. Since he's a Cowboys fan."


(Audio via Awful Announcing)

After Alan and Moss expressed their displeasure with him, Manley said "I apologize."

WTOP VP News and Programming Jim Farley issued a statement on Maney's remark, via the station's website.

This morning in a live interview former Redskins player Dexter Manley made an offensive and derogatory comment. He was immediately challenged by WTOP news anchors Mike Moss and Bruce Alan. We were shocked and stunned and we apologize to our listeners that this happened on WTOP.

WTOP has contacted a representative for Manley and informed her that he will not be returning.

Farley also responded to others on Twitter about the comment and reiterated that Manley will not be returning.

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