Daniel Radcliffe On His 'Kill Your Darlings' Gay Sex Scene

Oct 15, 2013 | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Daniel Radcliffe has been one busy man post-"Potter," and his latest venture is one that seems to have gay men everywhere waiting with bated breath (...again).

For his role as Allen Ginsberg in the new film "Kill Your Darlings," Radcliffe got to explore what it really means to be a queer writer and part of a group of intellectuals that fundamentally shaped modern conceptions about queer and American identities.

Part of that process? Completely understanding the physicality and strenuous nature of gay sex. The 24-year-old actor spoke at length about his man-on-man love scene in an interview with Flaunt Magazine:

I don’t think there’s any difference between how one falls in love. People express love differently, person to person, but it’s not gender or sexuality related. The only difference it made was obviously the actual sex scene, of course… I was talked through it by the director. He would be telling me what I would be feeling in each take. Basically, gay sex, especially for the first time, is really f**king painful. And [Krokidas] said that he had never seen that portrayed accurately on film before. He wanted it to look like an authentic loss of virginity.

Certainly sounds like everyone's favorite boy wizard is all grown-up.

Curious to read more? The interview in its entirety is available through Flaunt Magazine. Also, be sure to check out "Kill Your Darlings," which hits U.S. theaters in limited release later this week.

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