The Angel's Tit Cocktail Is Real, Has Been Consumed On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

Sep 27, 2013 | Updated Sep 27, 2013

On this week's HuffPost Live Throwback Thursday, host Caitlyn Becker and HuffPost Home editor Brie Dyas enjoyed a classic cocktail, and one of two mammary-themed cocktails we can call to mind at the moment. Hint: it's not the slippery nipple.

We're talking, of course, about the Angel's Tit cocktail. This cherry-and-cream-oriented drink has many different variations, from a simple layered shot, to the buxom whipped cream-topped version Dyas and Becker enjoyed in the video above. The cocktail traditionally includes a combination of white creme de cacao and maraschino liqueur, topped with either half and half or whipped cream and always, always a cherry. Get it? It looks like a boob, guys.

Had we been on set, we would have steered our dear friends away from sipping on a glass of straight up cherry liqueur, since, as Brie said, that just tastes like NyQuil.

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