Jon Stewart Mocks Putin's NY Times Op-Ed: 'You're Like The Larry David Of International Diplomacy' (VIDEO)

Sep 13, 2013

Jon Stewart took Vladimir Putin's controversial New York Times op-ed to task on Thursday night's "Daily Show," going as far as to compare the Russian President to comedian Larry David.

"You're like the Larry David of international diplomacy," Stewart joked in regard to Putin penning the critical article just after we saluted his statesmanship. "You had to say one more thing!"

Like many people who read the op-ed, Stewart was offended by Putin's implication that Americans aren't exceptional.

"Oh no you did not," Stewart said. "What part of 'Butter Elvis' don't you understand?"

Watch the clip above to hear Stewart's full take-down, including his analysis of Putin's "everyone is equal" rhetoric that makes him wonder, "When did Vladimir Putin start watching Oprah?"

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